Activity Description

For those looking for a real thrill during their visit to Sipi, consider the popular waterfall abseiling and/or rock climbing! All activities are conducted by the trained staff of Mulima Mountain Adventures in the nearby Chebonet gorge (2km away), and CE approved climbing helmets are provided free of charge. Both activities involve a bit of hiking and are great opportunities to see more of the beautiful scenery in this region.

Abseiling is done from the top of the stunning 85m Chebonet Falls, where you descend slowly alongside the water all the way down to the valley below. Rock climbing is done on a cliff wall on the east side of the Chebonet gorge, where a variety of climbs are available to suit various skill levels, on routes ranging from 10m – 35m.

$50 USD per person (Abseiling)
$40 USD per person (Rock Climbing)
$75 USD per person (both activities)

Note: These activities are payable in CASH ONLY (USD or UGX).