Sipi Runners Experience

Visit the home of Uganda’s world class running talent, run the trails of legends, and immerse yourself in the local Sebei culture. It’s helpful if you book a day in advance for this activity so that we can better organize your experience.

30,000/= for a guided run
60,000/= for half-day experience
90,000/= for full-day immersion

This is a new activity that we’re supporting in partnership with the Kapchorwa-based organization From Coach to Coach. We’re very flexible with the program, which can be designed and customized to suit your interests and available time. A guided run is the most commonly chosen activity, although there are many additional options available to augment your experience and more fully immerse yourself in the running culture of the region. You can choose to meet with local coaches to discuss training strategies, lifestyle, diet, etc., share a meal with notable athletes in Kapchorwa town after a long run of your own, or visit a home in Kwoti, the village birthplace of many of Uganda’s best distance runners, to learn about life on the mountain and what makes this part of East Africa so special.