Sipi River Lodge is located approximately 6 hours by car from Kampala and 4 hours from Jinja. Have a look at the map below for an overview of the most commonly used route (you may click the map for detailed Google directions).

PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes, GPS navigation systems will steer you wrong on the way to Sipi! Take note of the directions linked to below, especially between Mbale and Sipi River Lodge.

If you are driving from Jinja or Kampala, the shortest route will be to take the left turn, about 5km after Iganga town, onto Tirinyi road toward Mbale. If instead you continue straight at that junction, you will go via Tororo to Mbale and add about 20 to 30 minutes to your journey.

From Mbale, be sure to take the Kumi / Soroti road leading north out of town. Follow the signs for Kapchorwa by turning right off the Kumi / Soroti road about 5 kilometers north of Mbale town, opposite the Kobil pettrol station. Don’t leave the main tarmac road from there – some GPS directions will have you turning off onto some murram roads that can be quite challenging at times. About 32 kilometers after leaving the Kumi / Soroti road, after passing Sironko, Nalugugu, Buyaga, Simu, and Muyembe, you’ll reach the Moroto junction; turn right here to head up the mountain toward Kapchorwa.

About 13 kilometers after leaving the Moroto junction, you’ll enter Sipi village. Sipi River Lodge is sign-posted on the main road, approximately 2 kilometers beyond the signposts for Sipi and Crow’s Nest as you enter Sipi village.

In short, from Mbale town:

  1. Travel north on the Kumi/Soroti road for 5km, then take a right toward Sironko/Kapchorwa.
  2. After 32 km on this road (under construction), take a right toward Kapchorwa.
  3. After 15km more, you will reach Sipi River Lodge. Our gate is on the right, and a signpost is on the left.

Remember: you can always give us a call if you get stuck!

NOTE: The road between Iganga and Mbale is undergoing intermittent road works, as is the road between Mbale and Sipi. Please be mentally prepared for a few diversions and some extra speed humps. To avoid part of the construction work, you can skip the Tirinyi road and pass via Tororo instead. We promise, the reward at the end of the road is well worth the journey!